Popping in and flying out

It always feels a bit weird when I don’t blog for a little while, and by little while I generally mean anything over a few weeks. I always insist that when you really love to do something you somehow make time for it, but lately I have proven myself wrong on that, because there’s been no yoga and no blogging and not even any margaritas ffs.

But it’s all good, it’s been that good productive kind of busy.

And now it’s time for a quick update before I disappear again for the major busy-ness and distraction that will be my son’s overseas wedding.

The great big declutter of 2018

My last post was all about stripping back all the unnecessary stuff that has accumulated in my wardrobe, and ultimately I ended up selling or donating roughly half my clothes and shoes, most of the bags I had, and half my cookbook collection. And until this week I wasn’t even remotely interested or tempted to buy anything new, but with the wedding looming some new makeup and accessories were called for. #sorrynotsorry

But before all that there was this combo of sheer lace blouse and high waisted leather look leggings from DECJUBA…

New hair don't care

There was the post all about wanting to try rose brown hair, and because I have a great hairdresser who is patient with me wanting to try things my hair doesn’t like to do, it turned out exactly how I wanted it to. The second time was even better, and then last time I went in it was a Saturday and I had someone I’d never seen before who basically killed all the pink after I asked her to tone down the brightness just a tad. I see my gal again next week, and thank goodness for that.

The winter fashion blues

Back in March, in what was my last monthly OTTD wrap up , I was loving being back in my staple wardrobe of black everything, denim, stripes, and converse. But then April looked very much the same, as did May. June brought with it jackets and scarves, and by July I was having to really motivate myself to try and wear something that wasn’t grey, fuzzy, and built for warmth. Plus all the layers had me feeling like a giant panda bear and not in that cute way. It wasn’t until I had to try on summer clothes for the holiday to Croatia that I realised that I hadn’t doubled in size, and that I desperately needed to inject some colour and style back into my OOTD’s.

The seesaw goes on

Also back in March I wrote about the seesaw that we call life, and it rides on. Up’s continue to be the wedding which is now only weeks away, and our adopted neighbour/daughter’s baby boy is who is the most happy and beautiful little fat chunk of sunshine ever. My nails have remained nice and long and very unlike my nails this whole year, and my consumption of champagne, vodka, margaritas, and gin has gone way down {consumption of junk food has, however, gone up}. Plus I finally got a job!!! The down has been something that felt a lot like seasonal depression, and which ultimately culminated in moves being made toward some kind of reconciling with my parents, albeit  e v e r   s o   s l o w l y . . .

Movie night: probably one of only two margaritas in quite a few months…

Back to the start

And finally, going all the way back to January and the post about resolutions being bullshit, I’m happy to report that, as we sit on the cusp of August, I seem to be nailing the no-resolutions-resolution. I promised myself more self care and embracing and less daily weighing and boozing and, even though I wobble some days, I have managed to do just that. To be honest, I don’t weigh myself because my clothes tell me that I won’t like what I see, but I look in the mirror and think, fuck numbers. Whether the tag in my clothes says 10, 12, or 14, I refuse to think I’m not good enough anymore. So my waist is bigger and my skirts feel tight: so fucking what. I can wear a dress instead. My jeans somehow all still fit, and you can bet that I’ll be rocking my bikini bod in Croatia in a few weeks, stretch marks, jelly wobbles, extra five kg’s, and cellulite included. Plus my skin care routine continues and I figure that if the beautician is telling me I don’t need her expensive treatments and products then I really do have to stop doubting myself and instead believe her when she says that I have good skin.

And last but definitely not least, there was Croatia’s performance at the FIFA World Cup, finishing with silver medals. To my husband’s great joy four of the team come from our home town, and while there was lots of excitement and pride at what the whole team achieved and the way they played, the real fun was seeing the photos and watching their Instagram stories after they’d won a match.

Aj lajk!!!


Over and out til next time.

A. xxx

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