Beauty review:: GO-TO SKINCARE

Wanting to spoil myself for my birthday recently, I was considering splurging on a designer label bag. Thankfully it only took the sensible part of my brain about one second to decide hell no, and with skincare being my thing this past year, I decided to spoil myself with some beauty stuff instead.

First thing I did was hit up Mecca online and grab myself an eyeshadow palette. Because in some strange and mysterious way all my other eyeshadow palettes somehow keep migrating over to my daughters bedroom. I also claimed my beauty loop birthday gift, and then it was over to the brand I’ve been wanting to try forever.

I won’t lie, I’m a bit obsessed with Zoe Foster-Blake. She just seems way too nice and funny to be real, and her kids are complete next level cute and I have to say that it’s very possible my daughter and I are still talk about some of Zoe’s Insta posts of Sonny from years ago. Maybe we even imitate how he spoke in them.

Too much???

Anyway, somewhere in between being a funny lady who writes novels and pops out cute kids, Zoe also came up with her own range of GO-TO SKINCARE. And apart from the cute packaging it seems that she also really knows her stuff because all I was hearing about her brand was how great it is. So when my moisturiser needed to be replaced at the same time as my birthday hit and at the same time that I was in need of some cheering self care, it seemed like the perfect time to check it out.

I ordered the Fix My Face and Lips! Squared! sets {with the extra lip balm going to my daughter}, and considering how much I’ve been shelling out just for my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, it seemed like good value. The Face Hero oil in particular was the product I was keen to try, and if my Insta-memory serves me correctly, was the item that really launched this brand.

The goodie box arrived {with a fortune cookie inside}, and the first thing I noticed was that the instructions are actually helpful. You know, as in, “apply after a, b, and c, and before x, y, and z”, how to use it, and exactly what it will and will not do. EXACTLY the instructions you need when you hit your forties and your skincare routine involves multiple steps of multiple expensive items you want to actually use properly. Thumbs up.

But the very first thing I ended up trying was the Transformazing face mask, and even though I mostly use face masks to freak out my family I have to say I was really impressed because I swear, my skin actually looked better afterwards. A little bit less red, a tiny bit clearer in tone, and even a smidge glowy. You be the judge:

Both photos were taken with zero makeup or filter {der}, clean bare skin, and in the same natural light. 

I left my skin alone for a couple of hours so it could absorb all the leftover mask goodness, and a little later on I finished up with my regular eye serum followed by the Face Hero oil and a touch of the Very Useful Face Cream, which really is ULTRA hydrating and you only need a tiny amount. All up my skin loved all the pampering and, wrinkles aside, looked and felt pretty damn good. And obviously once again, the photo below was taken with no filters, makeup or tweaking, in the same natural light as the other pics. 

The lip balm seems very lanolin based and therefore quite rich, and is probably something I’d have found more useful back in the dead cold of winter, but the tinted balm seemed like a great everyday number and has already been added to my handbag and put to good use. 

Time will tell if Face Hero will replace the pricier Advanced Night Repair, and if I’ll ditch my Clinique Moisture Surge for Zoe’s Very Useful version instead {and tbh they’re actually very different in consistency so I could even keep both}, but being forty-four and therefore very diligent with my skincare, I guess I’ll know soon enough.

Stay tuned for the final word.

In the meantime I’ll grab myself the Transformazing six-pack and enjoy myself some midlife glow.


Thumbs up Ms Foster-Blake.


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