It could be worse…

We’ve been saying that A LOT this week.

“But hey: it could be worse.”


On Tuesday I got all excited when I went looking for my own Christmas pressie, an instant camera. After discovering that instant cameras have got fancy and technical af, I settled on a simpler model that was available in my favourite hue, rose gold. After some comparison shopping I found one going for just $39.95 on eBay, a steal considering the retail price is around $200. I figured it was probably too good to be true but bought it anyway.

And realised yet again that I am a certified dumbass, because if it looks too good to be true it most definitely is.

I was sent a pack of film instead, not even for that camera, even though the listing was so clearly and unmistakably for a camera. Trust me, I triple checked and then checked another hundred times. I’m currently in the process of trying to force Myer to honour the listing because it was their mistake*, and I’m 99.9% sure that at best I’ll get offered a refund instead. {Although the film I was sent fits my daughters instant camera, so I’ll keep it regardless}.

I live in hope of Myer sending me the camera, but I knew I was taking a gamble so hey: it could have been worse.

wednesday: the day that probably needs a whole post

On Wednesday morning we woke up to the big storm that had been predicted. I declared a day off for whoever in the house was able to take one, and stayed in bed a bit longer, safe in the knowledge that I had cleared out all the drains of debris the day before. Hubby and I spent the morning doing paperwork, Mr 10 stayed in bed surrounded by electronic devices, and around lunchtime we sat down to watch a movie, loving how good it was feeling to have turned humpday into a Sunday.

Then I walked into the kitchen.

And wondered why I was standing in a puddle.

Then wondered why there was water everywhere I looked.

Yep, we were flooded.

And there began hours and hours AND HOURS of buckets, mops, and eventually EVERY SINGLE TOWEL I OWN being used to clean up. Once we stopped the water getting in. The emergency services came out as well as the plumber. And my cleaning out the drains was never going to be good enough for the lap pool that formed outside our kitchen window because it turned out that a stormwater pipe had been destroyed by tree roots, and we were looking at a BIG repair job.

Once the rain stopped.


At this stage nothing in the house seems to have been damaged beyond repair, and the first thing I checked was the lineup of guitars: all dry. Amps and pedal boards: dry.

We were also both home, which is a highly unusual occurrence, and imagine what we would have come home to had we both been at work. So HELL YEAH, it definitely could have been worse.

Cue Wednesday afternoon.

Daughter arrives home from work almost in tears, obviously not interested in our drama packed day, because she was pulled over and copped her very first fine.

Because someone {yep, me} had seemingly never completed the registration transfer on her car, which had lapsed almost two months ago, leaving her driving an unregistered car and very upset at the trauma of being pulled over and booked for something she knows nothing about.

But hey, we have online everything now, her work is so close to home that I could drop her off the next day and sort out her car rego, so once again: it could have been worse. Like pre-internet worse.


Cue the part where the lawn that Rob spent months grooming and watering gets butchered.

The poor man went from having the best lawn in the street, which is no mean feat because there are people here who treat their gardens and lawns like a full time job, to having, once the plumber packed up and left, a scarred muddy rock strewn mess.

But…imagine if it was an even worse problem, something big and unfixable. And what if the final bill came to some ridiculous amount we couldn’t afford? And even though by now hubby was having a very hard time seeing any silver linings, he does actually agree with me {very deep down, buried somewhere under the memories of his once emerald green and immaculate lawn}, that it could have been worse.

The best part of the whole week for me was also on Friday, when I got some blood test results back, and discovered that both my iron and thyroid levels are once again fucked. Which is actually good news because it means that I’m not going crazy after all. The doctor also wanted to know my secret at lowering my cholesterol, sugar, and triglyceride levels despite insisting that chocolate and cheese are my two main food groups. AND he’s confident that the stubborn weight gain that I’ve mostly accepted is also down to the thyroid.

Amen Phaedra.

*This may have involved an appalling phone tantrum with the 
customer service rep from Myer. 

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