Granola crunching hipster*, wife, mum to four cool offspring.

Loves music. Almost anything involving a fierce cool rock chick is likely to be played a lot, ditto anything with Kathleen Hanna, Adalita, and Evan Dando.

Proud but often misunderstood feminist. True equality for all: yes. Man hater: no.

Wannabe vegan/mostly vegetarian/possibly even a flexitarian/hates labels. Blame it on cheese and her innate desire to be polite. Loves to cook lots of food and feed lots of people.

Likes a drink. Or three.

Hates the term mummy blogger even though she is a mum who blogs.

Buys far too many frocks, bags, and heels, and is unhealthily obsessed with her eyebrows.

Owns a lot of leopard print and isn’t afraid to wear it.

Likes to speak of herself in the third person.

*Not an actual hipster.