Sydney mum to four humans and one fat and spoiled cat. These are her thoughts on some of her favourite F words: family, food, fashion, and feminism.

There’s some beauty related stuff because one day she realised she was getting old and had better start paying attention to her skin.

She loves music and LOVES making playlists. Anything involving a fierce cool rock chick is likely to be played a lot, ditto anything by Kathleen Hanna and Adalita.

Tries really hard to be vegan but is mostly vegetarian, possibly even flexitarian? Blame it on cheese and her innate desire to be polite. Loves to cook lots of food and feed lots of people.

Likes a drink. Or three.

Hates the term mummy blogger even though she is a mum who blogs.

Buys far too many frocks, bags, and heels, and is unhealthily obsessed with her eyebrows.

Owns a lot of leopard print.

Likes to speak of herself in the third person.

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