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It’s Young Talent Time!

I actually started writing another post for this week’s Flashback Friday link up with Cathy at The Camera Chronicles, but then somewhere along the way it changed into this instead. The other day I heard Mr 4 singing the theme song to a very old tv show that I used to love as a child. ...


All In A Months Work

Wow! Here we are already at the end of January. Everyone is back at school and work and I am savouring the quiet. And the clean. I am getting high on the fact that my kitchen stays spotless all day, and all the toys stay put away. Then at about four in the afternoon all ...


Flashback Friday – Crush On You

Crushes. Oh, yes. I’ve had a few. (Hundred). I was that teenage girl who didn’t feel it was enough to love from afar. I needed to have the object of my crush close by. Like in-my-bedroom kind of close. It’s okay, I never actually paid any attention to ordinary boys. If they weren’t in the ...