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Celebrating food diversity.

As I begin typing this post I have next to me, ready to be savoured later this evening, some new cookbooks. All three focus on very different cuisines: Dalmatian, Thai, and Middle Eastern. Over on the stove top I have laksa bubbling away, while nearby sits a plate of crumbed chicken schnitzels and some napoletana ...

Long macchiato: the quest begins.

What does a lifelong tea drinker do when she discovers, while on holidays on the opposite side of the world, that the most perfect coffee she's ever had is a long macchiato, the one and only coffee that she, a former cafe owner and not-half-bad barista, never even knew existed? We're about to find out. ...

Summer time and the eating is good…

Back in Croatia for holidays, and it's always so nice to get back to what I love best: the freshest food possible and the cheapest eating out I ever get to enjoy. SOOO many cafe stops since I tried a long macchiato: hello perfect coffee I've been searching for. Not too strong or too milky ...

Going vegan: a year later.

Just over a year ago I threw myself into being vegan the same way I do any new thing: with great enthusiasm and lots of loud declarations. In the first couple of weeks my waist shrank and all the abdominal bloating I was used to disappeared. I felt like I had rebooted my digestive system ...

Summer holiday bites.

Hello 2017! It feels like we're just coming out of that holiday daze lazy feeling, or at least starting to. The last two weeks were way too indulgent, with a seeming never ending supply of chips, dips, crackers, and cheeses. My vegan-ism pretty much went to shit, with far too much of the fromage stuff ...

Christmas Day lunch.

It's not every year I get the chance to do what I love so much at Christmas time: feed lots and lots of people by cooking lots and lots of yummy dishes. Some years it's quiet and that's okay too, but I am super excited that this year we are having the kind of Christmas ...

Good stuff on toast

By good stuff I mean a bit more than jam or honey. And by toast I mean some really good chewy sourdough, preferably with seeds, toasted until golden and crunchy. The kind of toast you need a knife and fork for. Maybe something you enjoy every morning, or maybe something you indulge in on holidays ...

Why quinoa salad is the best thing since sliced bread*.

*LITERALLY. And I don't use that word lightly.  Quinoa. It burst seemingly out of nowhere, ready to puzzle us with it's hard to pronounce name {kwin-oh-wah???} and apparent similarity to that ubiquitous 80's favourite, couscous {or as my oldest son is fond of saying, the food so nice they named it twice}, and being loudly ...

the bad vegan

Are you still vegan if you eat cheese to be polite? Is being vegan like being pregnant: you either are or aren't, with no grey area? If I lived in a bubble where I didn't have to socialise with people in ways that involved eating being vegan would be the easiest thing in the world. ...

Burgers and soups and fries, OH MY!

They say that time flies when you're having fun and I suppose it's true. It's been two months since I made the decision to become vegan and the things I've learned have made it a really fascinating journey so far. For a few seconds I planned a one month challenge, but a couple of days ...

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