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A letter to: Taryn Brumfitt

Hi Taryn, You don't know me but I am one of the MANY women to have seen your movie Embrace and been massively inspired by it. Thank you so much. Thank you for the movie. Thank you for being so honest, open, and brave. Brave for sharing your most confronting thoughts and fears, brave for ...

The letters series: dear January.

Hello there! It's SO good to see you again, it's been ages! I hate that you only come around once every year because whenever we meet it seems like you bring lots of really good vibes with you. I think it's safe to say that you're a fan of the grand entrance, hmm? I mean, ...

The letters series: MY BODY

Dear body, I feel like I owe you an apology. You have always been so strong and solidly there for me, but mostly I've just been a bitch. All through my childhood I was super healthy and strong, thanks to you. But then during my teenage years I started not liking you very much. There ...

The letters series: a letter to 2016.

Dear 2016, WTF DUDE??? While personally I can't complain too much at what you have dished out to me in my own tiny little corner of the universe, on a bigger scale you have, unquestionably, been an unmitigated and audacious shocker. Have you been drunk all year? High? I mean, taking Lemmy at the very ...


Dear voice, we've been pretty inseparable haven't we? Unlike other body parts and features which have been under the intense spotlight of self awareness and even loathing at various times in my life, you, voice, have flown under the radar. And I would have to say that the sole reason for our happy co-existence all ...

A letter to: MY DAUGHTER AT 17

Hey babe, can you believe that you're so close to being legal? Only six months to go and you're 18. Legally an adult, maybe, but still my baby girl. What an exciting time for you right now. These next few months should be, and no doubt will be, some of the most exciting and fun ...

A letter to: MY NOSE

Hi nose, geez I really owe you about a million apologies, don't I? Too big, too long, too pointy, too bumpy, awful in profile, just not a nice nose. I'm sure there were even actual tears shed at some point during my teen years. No good looking guy was ever going to be able to ...

A letter to: Ms Yates, Yr 12 English

Dear Ms Yates, {I never even knew your first name.} {Sorry: your CHRISTIAN name. Always the stickler for details and accuracy.} First of all: you really scared the crap out of me, you know that? I'm sure it was deliberate and looking back it wasn't even scary, but I was already wondering if I had ...

Hey there 25 year old me…

I thought I’d just pop in and say hi, I know how much you love the whole “letter to yourself” thing. Remember that time we wrote a letter to sixteen year old us? That was pretty cool. And I know how much sixteen year old us would have loved to read something like that. We’ve ...

Happy Birthday My Little Chicken Wing

Today marks another milestone in our house, with my second child hitting the big 1-8. Legal, an adult, and all that comes with it. Exciting stuff. Today is also a day for my husband and I to sit back and reflect on an incredible journey. From the day we found out we were expecting him, barely ...

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