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Flashback Friday: BYO Earplugs

This post is dedicated to all of my neighbours between the years 1986 and 1993. But especially the house right next door. For this weeks Flashback Friday link up with the lovely Cathy at The Camera Chronicles, I found that  inspiration struck in the wee hours one night while I was having trouble falling asleep. ...


All In A Months Work

Wow! Here we are already at the end of January. Everyone is back at school and work and I am savouring the quiet. And the clean. I am getting high on the fact that my kitchen stays spotless all day, and all the toys stay put away. Then at about four in the afternoon all ...


Happy Days And The Happy Dance.

This week the kitchen got a much needed spring clean. Er…in summer. Anyway. It started with cleaning out one drawer, then deciding that I have way too many dishes (some of which could be donated to make room for new ones), then I decided to rearrange things to make better use of the space. All ...