Churros & Hot Chocolate

My daughter and I have a particular weakness for these Spanish deep-fried sugar-coated donut-y treats. They certainly don't tick any boxes for healthy, but they definitely tick the box for delicious. And even though you may need some experience in the kitchen to make them, there are so few ingredients, all pantry or fridge staples, ...


Bakalar (Salted Cod) Fritters

This is one recipe that definitely falls into the labour-of-love basket. You need to start soaking it two days before you plan on cooking it, there are quite a few steps involved in preparing it, and you need some serious muscle in stirring the batter. So why bother making it? Because it's so incredibly delicious, ...


Prawn Rice Paper Rolls

Okay, don't hate me, but I am not going to be much help with actual quantities for this recipe. On the plus side, it requires no cooking, is light and healthy, and tastes delicious. I usually just keep making the rolls until I run out of ingredients for the filling, though if making it for ...


It’s A Long Way Back To Bed…

This post will no doubt be able to write itself, since I have had one of those weeks. It all started last weekend when, amid much excitement, we were eagerly anticipating seeing The Beasts Of Bourbon two nights in a row, with two different lineups and different set-lists. No FFS Until Friday morning when I ...


Massaman Curry

This is a delicious, mild curry that my whole family enjoy. Although having said that I did ramp up the heat last time I made it, and while it was a little too hot for the kids, it was still fairly mild. All the flavour punch comes from the curry paste, so if you have ...


Soy & Lime Sashimi Tuna

Good quality sashimi is, in my humble opinion, an exquisite dining experience. It's certainly not for everyone, and ten or so years ago I would have run in horror from such an offering. But faced with some beautiful looking Sashimi grade tuna at my local fishmonger the other day along with an unseasonably warm Winters ...


Potato Salad

As a child, no barbecue was complete without potato salad. Boiled, peeled, sliced potatoes, dressed with some finely chopped red onion and a wine vinaigrette. I loved potatoes but I didn't love those potato salads. Fast forward a decade or two, and I still don't love that potato salad. So this here is my version. ...


Lemon Tart

This is an all time classic, and as someone who loves anything lemony it's one dessert I can never say no to. The pastry is a classic shortcrust which you can find HERE. You could also use a sweet shortcrust pastry. I have made mini tarts here, you could also choose to make one large ...


Duck Ragu

I can't believe I have not shared this recipe yet, considering how often we have it. Paired with homemade pasta (usually pappardelle) this is one of our favourite dinners. After trying this it's hard to go back to using any other meat for a ragu, it's that good. Ingredients: A whole duck, about 2 kg ...


Leek & Potato Soup

As the Sydney winter starts to bite we find ourselves turning more and more to  the comfort that can only be found in a deep bowl of steaming hot goodness. There are as many ideas for soups as there are vegetables available. This is one we enjoy every winter, and is my Husband's own recipe. ...

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