Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

I thought with Easter just a few days away I would share my recipe for tender, succulent, slow cooked lamb. I cook it with the classic rosemary and garlic, and I add lots of lemon halves to the baking dish. When it cooks for almost four hours under a foil cover, you get melt in ...


Old Fashioned Meatballs

By old fashioned I mean the classic Italian style meatballs, served with spaghetti and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. This is a recipe I could probably make blindfolded, that's how often we have it. It's a winner with everyone. My family love it best with pappardelle, which are much wider than spaghetti. Fettuccine is also good. And use ...


Polenta Chips

This is a recipe that came about when Husband and I wanted to jazz up the plain old polenta we usually make. While I love soft polenta with lots of cheese melted through, I have always wanted to try these. They taste great, and are super crunchy. They do take a little bit of time ...


An Aural Assault

First of all, I know I said that I would send all of my music related posts to my other blog, but I had such an amazingly great night on Saturday that I really wanted to share it with all of my regular readers. Dinosaur Jr, Saturday the 16th of March at The HiFi in ...


Dukkah Crusted Barramundi

I love this recipe. It started with a packet of pistachio dukkah that I wanted to use up, and this is what I ended up with. It really jazzes up an already beautifully flavoured fish. Ingredients: 1 kg barramundi filllets 50 g pistachio dukkah 1 tbspn dried oregano 1 handful flat leaf parsley, finely chopped ...

Crispy Potatoes

  Getting roast potatoes crispy on the outside and soft within seems to be one of those cooking challenges most people set out to beat. I find that the best way to get this result without parboiling it to cut the potatoes into smaller pieces and crank the oven up really high. I also love ...


Lamb Fillets

I wasn't quite sure what to call this recipe. It all depends on what flavours you add to the marinade. I almost called this version Moroccan Lamb, but then I added oregano and Pedro Ximenez. You can obviously add whatever you like to the marinade. Make sure to cook the lamb fillets for no more ...


Oh, How The Truth Hurts

I begin this post unsure as to whether I will even publish it. For while I share a lot of my life here, I try to avoid venting about those times family members piss me off. We all have various family drama's that play out from time to time. After all, sharing DNA with someone ...


Why I Love Kathleen Hanna

I love her because she is super freaky talented. I love her because she is fiercely intelligent. I love her because she acts when she sees an injustice. I love her because she cares about women. I love her because she kicks the patriarchy's ass. I love her for Bikini Kill. I love her for Le Tigre. ...


Tuna Dip

*There was initially a bit of debate in our house as to whether this is a dip or a pate. Since you don't need a knife of any kind to cut or spread it, and since this is my blog, I'm calling it a dip. This is easily one of the most popular things I ...

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