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Popping in and flying out

It always feels a bit weird when I don't blog for a little while, and by little while I generally mean anything over a few weeks. I always insist that when you really love to do something you somehow make time for it, but lately I have proven myself wrong on that, because there's been ...

Talking hair again…

There's only so much you can do with dark-ish brown hair which tends to dryness, doesn't like being lightened, and throws lots of brassy warmth. You can try fighting it, as I have done many times over the years, with attempts at balayage, foils, dark blonde {WTF was I thinking???}, and various ashy tones which ...

Fringe Benefits

Fringes, or bangs if you prefer, get a really bad rap. Everyone tries to convince you not to do it because of the dreaded growing out phase and the hassle of daily styling. And I thought all of that too but went ahead and cut one anyway, one of those spur of the moment decisions made ...

Bye bye hair extensions

I can't believe the time flew so fast and five months later it was time for the hair extensions to be removed. Despite expecting to lose quite a few extensions {I read about people losing five to ten in so many reviews}, I only lost two, and one of those was just a few days ...

The hair extensions diary: 3 months in

Three months later, do I finally love them? Well I definitely don't hate them but I'm still not sure I'd say I love them. Here's what I can tell you: Are they worth the money? Yes, definitely. I paid for volume and volume is what I got. So much so that I hardly ever bother ...

The hair extensions diary part 2: pros and cons.

It's now been a few weeks since I had the hair extensions put in, and there are definitely what I would consider downsides, although it could just be a case of needing some more time to become fully accustomed to them. I also think that Summer might not be best time for hair extensions, but then maybe ...

The Hair Extensions Diary: part 1.

After trying lash extensions {great for a week til I picked them all off while watching TV one night} and nail extensions {not so great when you can't scratch an itch} I decided I may as well do as my hairdresser had been begging me to do for months and try hair extensions. The real-human-hair-cost-a-fortune-but-can-last-up-to-six-months ...

Home hair colouring 101.

{Or Home Hair Coloring 101 if you're in The U.S.} Now I know I'm not a hairdresser but this past year I've put my hair through the wringer. From dark brown to light brown, with reds, balayage ends, copper and pink thrown in, I'm now just desperate to get back to a natural colour and repair ...

on having pink hair…

I can be a bit insufferable in that whole liking to prove people wrong thing. Last week I spent way too long arguing with the girl in the hair supplies shop who would not, for love or money, help me buy the product that would give me pink hair. I begged, pleaded, tried to be ...


Pretty in pink.

Sometimes you can just be chilling on a Sunday evening, watching a movie, relaxing, when from out of nowhere a thought can just appear in your head from, LITERALLY, out of nowhere. A thought like, maybe I should dye my hair pink. Since then I've looked at so many pictures of rose gold/pink/candy floss hair ...

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