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Going vegan: a year later.

Just over a year ago I threw myself into being vegan the same way I do any new thing: with great enthusiasm and lots of loud declarations. In the first couple of weeks my waist shrank and all the abdominal bloating I was used to disappeared. I felt like I had rebooted my digestive system ...

Investing in me

I read somewhere recently, and I can't for the life of me remember where, someone saying that they likened the time spent working out and meditating as time spent investing in themselves, in their future health and wellness; that regular yoga was like superannuation for their body's future. Coming as it did in the midst of ...

A whole lotta wtf…

I'm so confused at the moment. Frustrated too, but mostly confused. And a little pissed off too. Here's why: After working out FIVE DAYS A GODDAMN WEEK for five weeks and being super smart with my food choices I have managed to put on three kilos. Current mood: And no, it's not fucking muscle. I ...

It’s a wrap: January.

January is often the focus of a lot of reflection and thoughts of self improvement. After a week long new years beach break I came home determined to finally tackle what I had avoided my whole life: fitness. From being the girl all through high school who somehow always had her period every P.E. lesson ...

A letter to: Taryn Brumfitt

Hi Taryn, You don't know me but I am one of the MANY women to have seen your movie Embrace and been massively inspired by it. Thank you so much. Thank you for the movie. Thank you for being so honest, open, and brave. Brave for sharing your most confronting thoughts and fears, brave for ...

The cliched new years resolution post. {Except maybe it’s not.}

New year: new you! It's everywhere right now, isn't it? And it's no coincidence that all the magazine covers at this time of year feature all the "half their size" and "all the many ways to improve yourself" stories as yet another new year ushers in all the inevitable get-fit-and-healthy resolutions. We all treat the ...


Going vegan: week one done and dusted.

DAY FOUR: SUNDAY I wake up full of plans for our lunch, and as I get on with my morning I realise that I am feeling a lot less bloated already. The scales show only the smallest loss but the feeling of lightness in my belly is unmistakeable, and I can't remember how many months ...

Going vegan: the first few days.

Day one: Thursday. I wake up really excited about starting my vegan lifestyle. Wait, that sounded really wanky. Anyway, I've done some homework and I think I've got a pretty good idea of what I can eat, at least to start with. I kick things off with my own granola that I make at the ...

How I quit the gym and lost weight.

Sometimes I think we're being sold a big steaming pile of poo. Case in point: gym memberships and working out. I think most people would confirm that at any given moment, on any given day, you could take a look out your window and see at least one person decked out in lycra and wearing ...

Busting the fat gene myth.

This is a post that would normally appear on my personal blog, but I decided to share it here instead because it has a lot to do with food. It was inspired by Sarah at Move Fuel Love, who recently shared a before and after photo to remind herself of the progress she has made ...

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