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Family favourite: Spaghetti Bolognaise

No, the world doesn't need another recipe for spaghetti bolognaise. But as I cooked it the other night I realised that it does in fact belong here on the blog, not least because this site serves as my own personal recipe book. It's where I check the ingredients I need for a laksa or curry ...

Pasta with zucchini flowers and ricotta

I have to say I'm on a roll lately with these recipes that aren't really recipes but more a few things tossed together. And true to my vegetarian streak of late, I have for you one of the most delicious dinners I have enjoyed recently. Light, simple, quick, and with only a few ingredients. The ...


Ricotta Cheesecake

There's an Italian cake shop in Sydney which is legendary for it's ricotta cheesecake. It is no joke to say that their prized version is completely revered and worshiped as the ultimate ricotta cheesecake to make all others hang their heads in shame. So it is with enormous pride {and some foolish bravery, perhaps?} that ...


Roast Duck & Caramelised Onion Ravioli

Yes, this looks like a LONG recipe. There are a few steps involved but there are also some short cuts, and the length of instructions is the result of my trying to make it as easy and clear as I possibly can. Set aside a day so you're not rushed, and with some patience and ...


Ricotta Gnocchi

As soon as I saw these ricotta gnocchi I just knew they would be amazing. They are soft and light, and are like biting into a pillow. I have long loved gnocchi, but what I don't love is the tedious process involved in making them, namely the boiling, cooling, peeling, and mashing of potatoes. These ...

Pasta With Pesto

Summer in our garden means lots and lots of fresh, fragrant basil. Luckily both my Husband and I love homemade pesto, and recently after a week of so much food over Christmas, we both needed something light, simple, and delicious. This dish hit the spot. Almost everything is a cupboard staple, and it's ready in ...

Pistachio & Fig Biscotti

Along with the almond bread, this is another great treat that takes no real effort and keeps for ages in the cupboard. And especially during the holiday season, it's always good to have something nice to serve unexpected guests. Ingredients: 230 g caster sugar 2 eggs {whole} 250 g plain flour 100 g self raising ...

Almond Bread

This is a super easy, tasty treat to have on hand. It takes no effort or time, and keeps well. So you can always have something delicious to serve with a nice cup of coffee for those unexpected guests. It also makes a great gift. Ingredients: 3 egg whites 120 g caster sugar 150 g ...


Duck Ragu

I can't believe I have not shared this recipe yet, considering how often we have it. Paired with homemade pasta (usually pappardelle) this is one of our favourite dinners. After trying this it's hard to go back to using any other meat for a ragu, it's that good. Ingredients: A whole duck, about 2 kg ...


Old Fashioned Meatballs

By old fashioned I mean the classic Italian style meatballs, served with spaghetti and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. This is a recipe I could probably make blindfolded, that's how often we have it. It's a winner with everyone. My family love it best with pappardelle, which are much wider than spaghetti. Fettuccine is also good. And use ...

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