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Let’s all go to Oz

The world seems like a crazy place lately. Barcelona. Charlottesville. Trump and nazi's marching in the streets and innocent people being killed for no reason. I avoid talking about politics, not just here on the blog but even in real life conversations. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but it can be tricky when ...

It’s a wrap: February.

I finished January on a high, all empowered and loving life. I went into February with a sense of promise and optimism, feeling that mentally and physically I was in a good place. I hate to say it but.... ...February has been a struggle in ways I never expected. In fact my mood for most ...


The week that was…

Sometimes it all just comes at you at the same time, leaving you mentally exhausted and feeling like crap. Last week we farewelled our ninety year old grandmother. There were so many reasons to celebrate such a long life, and so many blessings to be counted in her final days: that she didn't suffer for ...

What she did next.*

Times of change are fun, no? Maybe not if the changes are out of your hands, but when you make the decision to change your life in a big way, like moving house/state/country, changing jobs, etc, it can be a really exciting time. Loaded with stress, yes, but most of the time change is good. ...

It’s all part of his rock and roll fantasy…

Okay, not sure about the title. It's a Mudhoney lyric and it just popped into my head and I'm going with it. So it's Tuesday night and I got halfway through my online FOOD SAFETY SUPERVISOR course {yes, caps. It's very important.} I'll probably finish it tomorrow night because it's supposed to take about four ...

Turns out Nike was right.

Remember all those JUST DO IT ads? For someone such as myself who has always avoided anything even remotely resembling athletic competition or exertion they were something I registered then disregarded. Just do it? Yeah sure, whatever, now pass the vodka and chips please. A little while ago I wrote about the universe as a ...

Hello October.

I can't count all the times this week that I've thought to myself, how can it be October already?  October is hands down my favourite month of the whole year. This month is our family's birthday season, even though it technically begins the last weekend in September. My three boys, myself, one niece, and our ...

Just a pinch of FFS.

Your oldest son and his cousin plan their dream European adventure, and are stoked to get really cheap airfares. Until the day of departure when a text message informs them that their first flight out of Sydney is delayed by eight hours and they will now miss all connecting flights. FFS. After a desperate call ...


So long, farewell 2014*

*Otherwise titled, "Thank fuck this year is finally over." Can I begin by saying that never ever before have I been so happy to see the back of a whole year? To say goodbye, so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu. But then the Pollyanna in my head notes that through the darkest and most worrying ...

This Is 40.

So I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm turning the big 4-0 this year. {Soon, actually}. And while it all seemed like ages away, time, as it's wont to do, has once again sped past me. Being one of the youngest of our circle of friends and cousins has meant that I have ...

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