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Beyonce: the ultimate bogan.

First of all, I dare say I'm probably late to the party with my two cents on this topic, but let's blame it on the holiday-mode-almost-news-free bubble and leave it at that. Beyonce. That photo. Not this one, which was bad enough. How could we forget the big pregnant-with-twins reveal photo? Yes I was mighty ...

Why I’m kind of over mothers day

There have been many mothers day posts over the years raging against Michael Buble and Andre Rieu CD's, slippers, and kitchen appliances. It just never fucking changes. Look around the shops today, tomorrow, or any time this past fortnight and what you will see are some sad white chrysanthemums {because you're not worth an expensive ...

Happy Birthday baby girl.

Exactly eighteen years ago on this day I was very excitedly and impatiently awaiting the arrival of a new baby. At two weeks overdue and showing no signs of arriving of her own, she was being evicted. Having spent the night before in hospital, I had awoken to an early scan and been given the ...

Investing in me

I read somewhere recently, and I can't for the life of me remember where, someone saying that they likened the time spent working out and meditating as time spent investing in themselves, in their future health and wellness; that regular yoga was like superannuation for their body's future. Coming as it did in the midst of ...

It’s a wrap: February.

I finished January on a high, all empowered and loving life. I went into February with a sense of promise and optimism, feeling that mentally and physically I was in a good place. I hate to say it but.... ...February has been a struggle in ways I never expected. In fact my mood for most ...

I know your secret

Hey there fellow school mum. I see you standing there by the gate, waiting for the bell with your other school mum friends. You're all wearing activewear, workout gear, whatever you choose to call it. You look fit and strong and athletic, and back when my youngest child started at this school three years ago ...

A letter to: MY DAUGHTER AT 17

Hey babe, can you believe that you're so close to being legal? Only six months to go and you're 18. Legally an adult, maybe, but still my baby girl. What an exciting time for you right now. These next few months should be, and no doubt will be, some of the most exciting and fun ...

On keeping it reel.

We can't mark a milestone birthday in our house without some kind of visual tribute. Over the years I have made birthday videos and slide shows, and if I'm being completely honest, spent way more hours putting them together than was probably normal. And this week as we prepare for son number two's 21st birthday ...

on all those extra curricular activities…

What is it with parents these days? Why do we feel like we have to cram our kids days and afternoons and weekends with a million different things and make it impossible to have anything that even remotely resembles free time? I've known a lot of parents over the many years of standing on school ...

What she actually did next*.

*After she got off Snapchat and stopped taking selfies. Because, you know, nice clothes and makeup. Housework. Lots of housework. Got the cracked front window repaired that a certain cat may or may not have cracked with her fat bum. {Ok so she didn't actually break it, but she sure does lean on it a ...

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