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What happened when I finally embraced, put on weight, and stopped giving a f**k.

It happened on a floating pontoon. The moment, the lightbulb, the big realisation. It was right after I gave my family an impromptu salute to the sun yoga demo, while wearing a swimsuit and at my heaviest in over a decade, on a pontoon floating on the Adriatic Sea, that I had THE moment of ...

NYC dreaming

So in exactly three weeks time my daughter and I will be sitting on a jet plane bound for the big apple, as part of her 18th birthday celebration. We're planning to do all the regular tourist stuff, and, both being OCD types, will no doubt have a well researched and planned itinerary for when ...

When birthdays meet hormones…

Chalk it up to my long time hatred of odd numbers or just some plain old hormoaning, but I was not looking forward to turning forty-three last week. So much was I NOT feeling it that I cancelled the group dinner booking for the Friday night of my birthday and made sure to have no ...

Cake, coleslaw, and polka dots.

Guys I'm quietly freaking out that it's almost September. Child number four celebrated his first Holy Communion on the weekend. One last chance for me to do the massive at home Communion party where I spend two days preparing, cleaning, shopping, and cooking for all the people I've invited and have no idea where I'm ...

Let’s all go to Oz

The world seems like a crazy place lately. Barcelona. Charlottesville. Trump and nazi's marching in the streets and innocent people being killed for no reason. I avoid talking about politics, not just here on the blog but even in real life conversations. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but it can be tricky when ...

Why I’m kind of over mothers day

There have been many mothers day posts over the years raging against Michael Buble and Andre Rieu CD's, slippers, and kitchen appliances. It just never fucking changes. Look around the shops today, tomorrow, or any time this past fortnight and what you will see are some sad white chrysanthemums {because you're not worth an expensive ...

It’s a wrap: April.

Yeah I know, another month down. WTF, right? April in particular always seems to come like a hurricane, bringing with it the trifecta of Easter, birthdays, and the in-laws heading off for their six month European summer. And all this literally happens in the space of less than two weeks. Every April. Like I said, ...

Happy Birthday baby girl.

Exactly eighteen years ago on this day I was very excitedly and impatiently awaiting the arrival of a new baby. At two weeks overdue and showing no signs of arriving of her own, she was being evicted. Having spent the night before in hospital, I had awoken to an early scan and been given the ...

I know your secret

Hey there fellow school mum. I see you standing there by the gate, waiting for the bell with your other school mum friends. You're all wearing activewear, workout gear, whatever you choose to call it. You look fit and strong and athletic, and back when my youngest child started at this school three years ago ...

Why is busy the new black?

{Hypocrite warning: a post in which I bitch and moan and judge certain types of behaviour that I am frequently guilty of.} *Alternative titles: "Is busy the new normal?" "Fuck the glorification of busy". I'm sure you already know where I'm going with this don't you? 😉 But seriously, if one more person answers the ...

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