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Resolution shmesolution…

January seems to be the time we're supposed to re-invent ourselves, get fit, lose weight, and quit every vice or bad habit we have. I'm not sure why we're not expected to do that kind of stuff at any other time of the year, but last January I decided that the whole "new year new ...

Another year {almost} over…

In yet another blink of an eye we find ourselves in that weird stretch of time in between Christmas and New Year, where the days kind of blur together and there's no routine but there is instead lots of food, reality TV, and downtime. I dare say I'm not the only person who kind of ...

Me too.

It's been hard to ignore the headlines for the past couple of weeks as one woman after another has come forward to tell of sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of a powerful Hollywood producer. That the list of names, well known and less familiar, can be so long and yet continues to grow ...

The waiting is the hardest part.

Last night before going to sleep I did my usual thing of one more compulsive round of social media before finally turning out the lights. The breaking news was the Las Vegas shooting. I read the news reports with equal parts horror and sadness. No, sadness doesn't even begin to cover the despair and anguish ...

It’s a wrap: February.

I finished January on a high, all empowered and loving life. I went into February with a sense of promise and optimism, feeling that mentally and physically I was in a good place. I hate to say it but.... ...February has been a struggle in ways I never expected. In fact my mood for most ...

So this is 42…

Forty-two sounds really old you guys. Like, the fun-thirties-are-over-and-shit-is-serious-now kind of old. But I would probably be freaking out a whole lot more if I didn't still have a small remnant of that old Pollyanna positivity buried somewhere deep inside, and I figure that I've done okay thus far. Four kids who are all pretty ...


The week that was…

Sometimes it all just comes at you at the same time, leaving you mentally exhausted and feeling like crap. Last week we farewelled our ninety year old grandmother. There were so many reasons to celebrate such a long life, and so many blessings to be counted in her final days: that she didn't suffer for ...

What is feminism anyway?

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word feminist? Bra burning? {Maybe, if you're old enough.} Hairy armpits? Man haters? Women from the 1960's? It's one of those hot topics that never really goes away and sees every generation of young women asking themselves the questions: what is feminism and ...

It’s all part of his rock and roll fantasy…

Okay, not sure about the title. It's a Mudhoney lyric and it just popped into my head and I'm going with it. So it's Tuesday night and I got halfway through my online FOOD SAFETY SUPERVISOR course {yes, caps. It's very important.} I'll probably finish it tomorrow night because it's supposed to take about four ...

At what point are you an alcoholic?

Is there a point at which you go from being a social drinker who drops Facebook posts about being out of vodka to someone with a very real dependancy problem? My booze story began pretty late. I did the obligatory teen binge drinking for the sole purpose of getting drunk and nothing else, but even ...

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