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Potato bake

My kids all love this, as do I, but due to the rich fattiness of all that cream it's not something I make often. This is a super easy version that you can tweak in so many ways, and it easily lends itself to catering size quantities. The amount of cream stated is obviously going ...


This is the perfect salad: substantial, fresh, crunchy, zingy, and filling enough to be a meal on it's own. I usually serve it as part of a Lebanese spread but it's also great with a BBQ, or even with seafood. It's a great all rounder which always disappears fast. It's good for you too. I'm ...

Vegan pasta salad with caramelised balsamic

This recipe will actually take me longer to type up than it did to cook. It's perfect Summer eating, easily stretches to feed a crowd, and is full of vegetables too. You could definitely add some kind of crumbled cheese as well as olives and give it a Greek vibe, and some lentils or black ...

Crunchy chicken & almond salad

This salad is what you get when your older kids decide that five in the afternoon is a good time to tell you that they'll be home for dinner after all. So those few chicken schnitzels that were going to feed three now need to stretch to feeding a few more. There's always the pizza ...

Zucchini Slice

Another recipe to file under "how did it take me so long to make this?" I remember working in a deli many years ago where they sold a very ordinary looking zucchini slice. They ordered it in cheap and sold so much that they could barely keep up with demand. I wasn't much of an ...

Roast turkey with bacon, pistachio, and apricot stuffing.

Here in Australia it seems that the only time of year you can easily find a whole fresh turkey is in the lead up to Christmas. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving, and the rest of the year you have to either order one specially {and even then cross your fingers} or settle for a frozen buffe ...

Smoked trout & kipfler salad.

As the weather starts to warm up salads like this make a perfect meal. It's more about assembling everything than about cooking. While you boil some kipfler potatoes you toss everything into a bowl, prepare the dressing, and hey presto. Dinner or lunch is ready in under thirty minutes. I have specified kipfler potatoes as ...

Lemon Meringue Tarts

I've been on a mission to use up those random ingredients I sometimes buy then forget about. These hall of fame lemon meringue tarts were served up recently to use up the two jars of lemon curd I had somehow ended up with. Teamed with my simple shortcrust pastry and a basic meringue topping, they ...


Spinach Cob Dip

  This spinach cob dip is one of those party dishes that whenever people see it they will inevitably say two things: firstly that they haven't seen it in years, and after a taste, how good it is. A little while later you will hear someone saying how more-ish it is... ┬áNot to mention that ...


Roast Duck & Caramelised Onion Ravioli

Yes, this looks like a LONG recipe. There are a few steps involved but there are also some short cuts, and the length of instructions is the result of my trying to make it as easy and clear as I possibly can. Set aside a day so you're not rushed, and with some patience and ...

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