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Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: HOLE

Say the name Courtney Love and one thing is certain: people either love her or hate her. I've definitely loved her more than I've hated her, but if I'm being honest the thought of ever meeting her scares the shit out of me. One thing I do know is that she was a huge part of a ...

Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: PIXIES

The Pixies. {Although they seem to have dropped the word The at some point when I wasn't paying attention, playing havoc with my iTunes library.} Probably the very first "cool" and "credible" band that would stand the test of time that I ever liked. Thanks in large part to a small window of time where ...

Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: BLONDIE

It's one of my earliest memories. This blonde creature, looking cool in ways five year old me couldn't even begin to fathom let alone explain. I didn't know who she was or what she did, but images like this were some of the first to get an impression on me, and was probably my first ...

Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: SONIC YOUTH

First off: I do not know every song or album ever released by this band. Fact nonetheless: I love the shit out of them. Going way back to about '91 I became aware of this cool {with a capital K} band who had this whole too-cool-for-every-fucking-thing vibe happening. They were not that pretentious kind of ...

Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: THE DANDY WARHOLS

There are a few bands I very reluctantly adopted. Bands that, for whatever reason, I didn't want to like. Usually my husband loved them and played their music so much that I could take no more. Eventually at some stage that band would tour and I would, somewhat half heartedly, follow my husband along to ...

Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: POP CHICKS OF THE 80’s

So I think I've mentioned that I'm a sucker for a one hit wonder. And back in the 80's there were some real gems, and it's probably not surprising that some of the ones I still love today come from the ladies of that time. So without further ado here are some of my all ...

Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: TAYLOR SWIFT

The iPod doesn't lie my friends, and since Ms Swift features in at least half the songs on my Top 25 playlist {based on number of plays}, I figure she deserves a Sunday Sessions post. Have I been listening to her music for very long? No, only since she released 1989. Have I been playing ...

Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: THE DOORS

Like many people my age I first started getting into the music of The Doors in the very early 90's, when there seemed to be a resurgence in it's popularity. It may well have been popular all along {after all what did I know? I was listening to the Grease soundtrack most of the 80's}, ...

Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: THE ROLLING STONES

Is this week's choice too boring? Too obvious, safe, dull? Can a group of men pushing seventy even be relevant anymore? See them live for the answer to that one. The Stones were for so many of us the soundtrack to our parents lives, and we all grew up hearing Satisfaction on the radio, and ...

Sunday sessions, soundtrack to my life: NIRVANA.

Ah, the distant hazy days of flannel shirts and baby doll dresses. As 1991 ticked over into 1992 and Sydney sweltered through yet another hot sticky summer, there was one band whose name was on everyone's lips and being played in almost every bedroom: Nirvana. I remember those very first mentions of the name like ...

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